Friday, February 17, 2006

Soft toys

The latest additions to my room are ... softoys. A beanie smiley face, Mickey and Bullseye mini beanies, a not so soft plastic molded Pikachu, two dalmation puppies, one big Hush Puppies Hound and a smaller Hush Puppies Hound that barks when you hug its belly. Yet to come are Scooby Doo in pyjamas and a big Tweety Bird. So ghey huh? Wait! These items serves a few purposes, and cuddling ain't one of them. The toys can be used for backup gifts for... erm... girls... OR... I may sell them on eBay. And in the meantime, they're room deco (adds a sensitive touch).
I moved my aquarium from the old apartment today. Cleared all the rocks and pebbles and cleaned all the green algae :P. Now the apartment as two aquariums and a fishbowl. The stench from the algae makes me sick.


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