Friday, March 03, 2006

To make move back the government !

Withdrawal of the CPE !

The government persists and signs. It used the strong manner to make pass its policy. Usual of the methods D’exception, Villepin confirms the escape ahead néolibérale of this government. It wants to cut down the current TDCI to replace it by a new contract without law the labour, without Fair labor standards act. After the CNE which relates to the companies of less than 20 paid, there is now the CPE for the young people, and the line prepares, can be even before the elections, to generalize this type of contract for précariser L’together of wage-earning. The government prepares the ground to liquidate the Fair labor standards act, to get rid, then, of the statute of the Public office : it wants a new contract single with the boot of the owners. C’is a social counter-revolution !

The companies see exploding their profits, the government generalizes precariousness !

The CNE and CPE would be weapons antichômage. It is in fact of the weapons to weaken the young people and the employees vis-a-vis with their owners. What supports unemployment, C’is an economic and social system - the capitalist system - which seeks only the maximum profit and decides, to still improve its benefit, to liquidate thousands D’employment or to refuse D’to engage less young young people and in TDCI, with decent wages. The last results of the large companies show qu’there is L money’, that billion D’euro or dollars empochés by the shareholders could be used to create thousands D’stable and guaranteed employment or to increase the wages. The French companies of the CAC 40 piled up more than 80 billion D’euro profits : BNP more than 6, the General Company 4,4. Total, more than 12, whose L’action is even last 4,70 to 5,40 euros in 2005, more than 15 % D’increase ! As for France Telecom, the profits, 5,7 billion, increased by 89 %, but L’undertaken liquid 17 000 employment including 16 000 in France. D’a side, tens of billion profits for the business leaders, L’different dismissals and precariousness for the young people and the employees. Does N’have T-it there not something which does not turn out badly ?

Too much, C’too are, the CPE must be withdrawn ! General mobilization !

First mobilizations took place in youth. It is necessary to redouble D’efforts to generalize these mobilizations. March 7, a great day D’action and of mobilization will take place, with L’call of L’together of the organizations trade-union, associations and started from left. One needs L’unit D’the action broadest for the withdrawal of the CPE. The government knocks on the youth and the world of work, but C’is a government which is minority in the country. Survey after survey, Villepin loses points. A majority of the population, nearly 60%, S’opposes to the CPE and the precarisation of youth. C’is the moment ! One needs, in all the companies, the schools, the districts to organize meetings, assemblies, demonstrations against the CPE. March 7 will be a strong time of the mobilization, but it will be necessary more to make move back the government : one will need a movement D’together greater number which says Non to precariousness !